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Chair-Designate & Trustees

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I am delighted that you are interested in bringing your talents to these governance roles at the Tudor Trust. We are proud of our track record over decades, and of the renewal journey we have taken over the last year.

In mid-2020, trustees began the work of reshaping the organisation and working towards embodying our commitments to anti racism. We recognised that we live in a society that is shaped by racism and intersectional inequity, and in addition that our roots as a family trust resulted in an almost entirely white and privileged trustee board that is no longer fit for purpose.

This reality was not consonant with our stated purpose of supporting community-led change towards a more just society, and fundamental change was needed. We are looking at how we build all aspects of diversity, equity and inclusion more fully into our work, challenging ourselves as an organisation to be accessible, aware of power dynamics, and fully accountable to all our stakeholders.

Reflecting on my time as Chair, I feel Tudor is only at the beginning of this journey; and, though we have not found all the answers, we have perhaps begun asking some of the right questions. For example, what is the true purpose of a Foundation built on accumulated wealth, and dispersing money, that in many ways sits at the heart of inequity? How can we acknowledge the power dynamics at play, and also ensure diversity at trustee level with a full understanding of inequity? What is our role as an organisation in challenging the structures all around us that maintain a systemic resistance to racial justice and a more just society more widely?

Perhaps the most powerful lesson we have learned from asking these questions is knowing it is time to hand on the baton to a group of trustees with the learned and lived experience to take Tudor forward. This recruitment process is the first stage of that undertaking, and I very much look forward to meeting you.

Matt Dunwell

Retiring Chair of Trustees