Our journey towards change


Stock photo of colleagues in a cafe



Though we were originally established as a family trust, we have for some time been exploring how we can transition into a new, more open and diverse structure and culture. This work, supported by external facilitators, resulted in a series of recommendations which have challenged Tudor to look both inwards and outwards in establishing its anti-racism practice, in service of realising Tudor’s commitment to embodying an anti-racist approach.

Tudor’s staff team all have a deep commitment to the grant making and the wider work of Tudor. In the last two years, they have applied their dedication and learning to reimagining how Tudor could transform itself into an organisation that is more intersectional and anti-racist in its internal structures as well as in its approach to distributing its funding. This journey, which created the conditions for deep and meaningful change, has not been easy; and we do not underestimate the value of our staff’s leadership in enabling Tudor to challenge itself to its very core.

In April 2022 the Trust embarked on an ambitious ‘Reimagining’ process, intended to help it embed anti-racism both internally and externally and to rethink its offer to the community and voluntary sector. Closing to new applications made time and space for this work to take place, although it continues to provide support (including further funding) to more than 700 current grant holders. Whilst difficult and sometimes uncomfortable, the Reimagining work has generated rich learning, and we are committed to completing the vital process of change that we have begun. .